Wedding Preparation / Tips

We provide you assistance for your Wedding preparation. We provide you the following Wedding preparation assistance which are essentially needed for any colorful and memorable wedding event.

– Wedding Venues
– Wedding Themes
– Wedding Photography & Cinematography
– Wedding Shopping Guide
– Wedding Jewellery
– Wedding Invitation Card
– Wedding Entertainment
– Wedding Music
– Wedding Mithai Sweets
– Wedding Transport
– Wedding Budget
– Flower Decoration
– Choosing the Caterer


Wedding Venues

Wedding is always considered to be one of the most significant events in our whole life time. Wedding, a traditional system of being bonded of a couple for the rest of their life as a true collaborator of walking the long life time path  always get the utmost importance in our society and tradition and it’s a reflection of our cultural heritage. Making this special event more extraordinary and memorable the venue where the wedding is to be held plays a vital role. A splendid venue for the wedding is an awesome gateway to their new life. SWPEML, the wedding planner offer you some of the most prestigious and grand venues of Bangladesh. At these venues you along with your friends and family will experience the home feeling with high esteemed facilities. A well decorated wedding venue always adds an extra bit of joyfulness to make any event more vibrant. We provide you some of the lucrative Wedding Venues of the country facilitated with essential amenities. We also provide assistance to choose & reserve any desired venue.



Catering Service

Cuisine is the one of the most elementary ingredients that makes any occasion more vibrant. A nutritious and delicious cuisine always adds an extra bit of joy for your dream wedding. We offer you a nationwide popular catering service ensuring quality, taste and hygiene at a reasonable price.

– We prepare Quality and delicious food

– We have a group of Top Class Chefs and their Associates

– A wide variety of cuisine including Local, Indian, Mughal, Chinese and Western

– High Quality International Standard Food at a reasonable price

– Assurance of Hygiene throughout the process

– We ensure a well balanced nutritious diet

– We provide Home Delivery Catering Service on demand

– We prepare Special Dishes for Bridal Couple

– We ensure throughout Quality and Hygiene

– We ensure a quality Wedding Catering at a reasonable price compare to our Standard


Decoration and Utility Services

The most essential part of a Wedding is outstanding Decoration. Without well decoration and supplementary utility services a Wedding is perfectly incomplete and tasteless. Ananta Wedding Planner & Event Management Ltd is one of the pioneers Decoratior and Utility service provider of the country. We have achieved an incompatible fame in the field of decoration service since our establishment. We have a long run business profile in this particular field which is unique and incompatible both in quality and standard. We provide the following decoration and Utility services:

– High quality contemporary decoration logistics supplier

– Event Decoration

– Wedding Decoration

– Corporate Event Set design

– Essential Utility services

– High quality logistic support

– High quality Interior & Exterior Decoration


Wedding Theme

It’s our cultural and traditional influence of having the wedding program with a contemporary theme to celebrate this illustrious event. We are the only one who can fulfill your requirements with the help of our highly professional design team.

A colorful wedding theme always makes the joyous wedding program more illustrious. Our skilled and dedicated Design Team is always enthusiastic to compose your chosen wedding theme superseding your anticipation. You may have wedding program with subsequent theme:
– Royal Theme Wedding
– Fairytale Wedding
– Color specific & many more themes.


Accommodation & Hospitality

We provide accommodation and other hospitality services for your beloved wedding guests and Bridal Couple in warmth atmosphere. We will be glad to accommodate your guests and provide hospitality services at different Hotels, Motels and Rest Houses. We provide you following assistance for accommodation and hospitality services:


– Accommodation and Hospitality at different Hotel, Motel and Guest House

– Assistance for the Accommodation and Hospitality for Bridal Couple at Luxurious Hotels and Rest Houses

– Assistance for Honeymoon at home and abroad

– Assistance for Reserving and Booking at 5 Star Hotels at different Tourism Location at home and abroad

– Other Accommodation and Hospitality service as per demand



We have a high esteemed reputation for providing transportations for the Wedding Couple as well as for the guests by whom the couple will be accompanied and blessed. We put forward your bridal riding by providing Royal Saloon like BMW, MERCEDES BENZ, VOLVO, MERCEDES and Luxurious HINO COACHES for the convoying guests. We offer you the following transportation facilities for Wedding and any event:

– Royal ride for bridal couple

– Royal Transportation like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and other luxurious cars along Floral Decoration for the Bridal Couple

– Mass transportation
– Supplementary transportation assistance
– Helicopter Rental assistance for Royal wedding
– Air-conditioned Bus and Coaches for the Wedding guests
– Long distance transport assistance


Floral & Lighting Decor

Our full fledged professional visual design team is always dedicated to make your special wedding program more flourishing in visual appearance by garnishing the venue with brand new local and imported fresh flower like China Rose, Orchid, Marigold, Gerbera, Lily, Carnation  or local and foreign ornamental flowers depending your cherish desire. We always try to give you a psychic essence of visualization by making the wedding atmosphere staggering. We not only offer you the floral decoration but also provide all sorts of fashionable means of decoration like tremendously colorful lighting and unique ceiling décor. We always put this firm belief in our mind that you will find us truly compassionate through our understanding of your demand.

Ananta Wedding planner & Event Management Ltd has achieved a unique and incompatible place in the field of lighting décor for Wedding and other events in the country. We have a huge variety of contemporary and modern lighting décor. We provide you any sort of illumination at the Wedding Venues and residence.

Our professional Visual Design Team provide you the following Floral & Lighting Décor for your special wedding program to make it more flourishing in visual appearance by garnishing the venue with the facilities:

– Creative and innovative Designed Floral Stage

– Entrance Gate Decoration

– Splendid Residence/Auditorium illumination

– Walkway Decoration

– Contemporary Centerpiece

– Bridal chamber, Wedding car decoration & Floral ornament design

Ceiling & Pandal Decor

Ananta Wedding Planner & Event management Ltd is one of few pioneers who have initiated splendid decoration services in Bangladesh. We have a fully professional design team who devote their passion and effort to comprehend the nature and objectives of your event. Then our design team will make a blueprint of the event and will distribute among the respective team and then finally our visual design team execute the decorations as per instruction. We offer you a wide range of intuitive designed decoration. SWPEML is the best option for designed Ceiling & Pandal Décor for any Theme Wedding. We have achieved a unique expertise and experience in the following section:


– Interior & Exterior Designed Pandal Décor

– Intuitive Ceiling Décor

– Color Specific Theme Décor

– Color Specific Ceiling & Pandal Décor


Video and Still Photography

A memorable moment can always be traced back by the colorful signature it left behind. Your life time unforgettable memories can be captured by the means of Photography and Cinematography which will always remind you the days of glory and youth. We truly comprehend the art of good quality preservation of moments as it will tell the story of youth to your next generation ancestors and for this uncompromising reason we assist you to carry the momentous memories by providing Professional Photographer and Videographer equipped with the latest Hi Tech Studio apparatus.  We provide you the frame of your glorious moments. We offer you the following imaging facilities along with the professional technical assistance:

– Professional renowned Photographer

– HD quality video with supplementary technical equipments

– Video & Still photography package with renowned photographer

– History book photo album (Digitally designed).

– Wedding Cinematography


Cultural Programs

A wedding program is most often can be more ornamented by adding a vivid cultural program which not only entertains the wedding couple and the guests but also make the ambiance more vibrant and lively. It’s always the ancestral heritage we carry through our lineage that the intuitiveness of making the wedding followed by the supplementary rituals remarkable by performing various cultural program during the course. Our dedicated Event Management team is always in high spirit to make your wedding by organizing diverse means of cultural amusement as per our client’s choice. We have a long run expertise of arranging renowned Local and Western performers who will perform various sorts of performances like Folk and Pop song, DJ, classical and western dance etc during the course.

We offer you the following cultural events organized by a highly professional and experienced Event Management Team:

– Classical, Local, Folk and Western Concert for Holud, Mehendi, Gala night and other programs equipped with latest instrument

– Exclusive DJ & Video DJ performance along with sound and lighting

– Cultural Show facilitated with Multimedia Projector and Giant Screen

– Classical and Western Dance show

– Entertaining Fashion Show

– Other cultural shows as per demand