RED Feather Event is one of the most diverse, proactive and best artist management companies for events in Bangladesh. We have worked with some of the best known artists in Bangladesh as well as those from international circuits. We do not only book the artist for the events, but also assist the clients in selecting the right artists for their event based on the event profile, budget, brand associations, event locality, event season, event sponsorship goals and the theme of the event.

One of the best defining features of event management services from RED Feather Event is the lowest quotatio guarantee, under which we provide you the artists at the lowest possible quotation in the market. If you find that someone else has got the same artist for a similar event at a lower quotation than us, then we shall refund you the difference in fee from our account.


Most Affordable Artist Booking Service

We take pride on being able to provide you any given artist on the lowest quotation possible. If we fail to keep this guarantee, we refund the extra amount.

Most Client Friendly Service

We take care of ensuring all the needs of the artists are met for the event, so that the clients do not end up missing any vital requirements which can cause inconvenience during/before/after the performance.


We ensure that you receive the maximum benefits from associating with the artist that you have booked through us. We ensure that your event gets maximum publicity on the artist’s social media feeds along with proper mention of your events and thus you and your sponsors benefit the most from artist booking with us.

Ticket Selling for Events

If you have booked an artist through RED Feather Event and seek to sell tickets for their performance, we can help you in selling ticket easily and in good numbers. Please see our Event Ticketing page for more details on how RED Feather Event can help you sell more tickets.