Event Budgeting not only refers to preparing a professional cost chart for the event, but also to ensure that all the sources of funding for the event add up to the event budget and also that there is a substantial budgeting cushion to account for any unexpected costs. With our event budgeting services, you shall never run short of funds or overrun your budget.

The finance team of RED Feather Event factors in all accounted for, likely as well as unlikely but possible costs while working out the budgeting of your event. We also calculate how much sponsorship you are likely to obtain and how to provide the maximum value to the sponsors and visitors within your event budget.


Event Cost Estimation

Our expert team of event finance experts carefully evaluate every single aspect of your budget and calculate the costs based on years of experiences, multitude of financial degrees and keen eye on the details.

Event Cost Management

We ensure that every single rupee of your event cost is dedicated towards the correct expenditure and that there is no single wasted expense.

Affordable Event Management Service

By providing our event management and production services for your event, we make sure that you are able to organize a world class event within your budget.

Sponsorship Management Service by RED Feather Event

If your event is ideal for providing value to the sponsors, we can also assist you through our Sponsorship Management Service to raise the profile of your event and increase its budget without straining your finances.

Event Bootstrapping

If you are short on budget and still want to organize a world class event, we can bootstrap your event for you by providing some of our services for free and keeping your costs down.