RED Feather Event is one of the few event management companies in Bangladesh providing assistance to our clients in gathering sponsorship for their events. Under our sponsorship management services which are offered to the clients for free in lieu of their association with us, we help the clients set up a formidable event profile, utilize the marketing potential of the event, and then utilize the built up event profile to get sponsorship for the event.

One of the things that any sponsor looks for in an event is the kind of brand associations it has, the kind of event publicity that is there, and the audience numbers and audience profile that it has. RED Feather Event not only helps the client work on these basics for the event, but also helps the clients connect to the right sponsors and pitch their event to them for getting sponsorship for the event.


Building of Event Profile

RED Feather Event’ marketing team of top marketing experts in Bangladesh helps you develop the complete profile of the event keeping in mind the goal of making it attractive to the potential sponsors, so that from day 1 of event planning, you are on a sound footing.

Sponsorship Campaign

We do not believe in approaching every available company for sponsorship, but instead take pride on developing an sustaining well thought out plan for managing sponsorship: which we call as a sponsorship campaign.

Connecting With the Sponsors

Once we believe that the event profile is built up well to be attractive for the target sponsors, we help the clients connect directly with the sponsors and pitch their event for sponsorship.

Document Preparation

The first impression is the last impression. RED Feather Event’s expert marketing team helps the client make the best impression on the clients by assisting in the preparation of presentations, brochures, files and documents/letters for the potential sponsors so that the sponsors find the sponsorship pitch to be of their liking.

Negotiation for Sponsorship

If the clients are lacking in earlier sponsorship securing experience, our team can train them and further assist them in pitching and negotiations with the potential sponsors.